Rainbow Castle

Our new edition needs a space 10X12ft and can be placed inside or outside. A larger tunnel to crawl through and a bigger ball pit to jump into. Priced at $350

Rainbow Village

This 15X12ft village has a rainbow bridge and a double tunnel to crawl through. This village can handle up to 12 toddlers running around. Priced at $450

Rainbow Kingdom

This space measuring at 20X18ft was meant for our little kings and queens! A larger ball pit, a tunnel intersection, pyramid, double tunnel and a rainbow bridge. This set up was meant for royalty. Priced at $550

Miniture Village

This set up can be placed inside or outside with a required space of 10ft X 8ft. Soft mats for tiny feet and soft items to climb. Your little ones can slide into the ball pit that contains 600 balls. This set up is always a hit! Priced at $275

Bumper buddies

Little ones can navigate and bump into their buddies, or parents can control their movements with a remote. They are small and mighty and go a speed of 1mph. Priced at $250


You always have the option to add more items for your event.

Charcuterie Board

So many options to choose from: cured meats, various cheeses, olives, nuts, dried fruits, crackers, bread jelly or jam. We know little toddlers can be very picky, so we can make a spread that will suit you and your little ones appetite.

More Information

This new addition will allow you to fully customize your order from renting out a board or table, to making small gift boxes for your guest to take home. This also will allow you to skip the deliver fee and pick up from our home base location. Fees will vary

Small bounce house

This small bounce house encourages tiny toddlers a different kind of challenge. Climbing, bouncing and sliding into enjoyment. Priced at $50

Castle bounce house

Ages one through five can enjoy this gem, because on those hot summer days in Houston we can turn it into a water slide. If water is not your jam, we can add balls. Priced at $60

Big Bounce house for our growing toddlers

This bounce house is a part of our "Little toddlers grow up." There is a small challenge to climb up with the same kind of fun. You can add 400 balls or turn it into a water slide. Priced at $60

Drop off and Pick up only

We delivery in Houston and surrounding areas. We set up and and once event has ended we pick up. We just ask all ball pit balls be placed back into the ball pit before pick up.


Each set up has a designated time slot of 4 hours. You can also add more time to your party for an additional fee.


We always clean our items before and after each use with puregreen24

We follow several steps to ensure your little ones are protected.
1. We wash everything with soap and water.
2. We steam all of our products.
3. We then use pure green24


Rainbow Castle

4 hrs - $350 

Rainbow Village

4 hrs - $450 

Rainbow Kingdom 

4 hrs - $550

Miniature Kingdom

   4 hrs - $275

Miniature Village

      4 hrs - $275

Bounce house

Small-$50 or as an add on  $40

Castle - $60 or as an add on $50

Big bounce - $60 or as an add on for $50

Waterslide - $80 

Bumper Buddies 

4 total - $250 or as an add on for $200   

Big and Small Wheels 

4 total - $250 or as an add on for $200

Add extra hours: $50 for each additional hour

Prices above do not include delivery fee: which range from $40-$120 

Charcuterie board 

Table spread including table rental: $265-325

Rent a board with spread: $54-$130

 smaller boards or gift boxes: $12-$48

Prices will vary depending on items. Please email for more details 

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